State by State CNA Salary & Factors Influencing It , how can salary fluctuate from state to state ?

cna salary

State by State CNA Salary and Factors Influencing It

The Certified Nursing Assistant is an entry level health care position that is high in demand throughout the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the outlook for this job is good. It has also been categorized as a recession proof job. The pay for these jobs will vary from one state to another and there are several other factors that determine the hourly rates and annual salaries. When reviewing the salaries for each state, they do have one thing in common and this involves the minimum annual salary. Based on all of the states pay standards, no one can make less than $15,000 annually because it is the minimum salary for this position.

One of the best things about the Certified Nursing Assistant’s job is the person can start their jobs immediately after they complete their training and obtain the required certification. The cna salary is good and the potential for making more is great because this nurse has a wide range of opportunities available within the medical field.

Another reason for choosing this position is some medical facilities offer free training to those who are interested in pursuing this career. However, the person should make sure that there are no embedded cost that has not been disclosed. Due to the demand, however, many facilities are willing to train people in their local communities in order to fill the job positions that they need.

How Much Money Does A Certified Nursing Assistant Make ?

Factors that Influence CNA Salary !

cna salary

cna salary rate

There are several factors that influence a Certified Nursing Assistant’s pay. These factors should be considered when choosing a place or an area to work in. Some of the factors that drive these rates includes the state the certified nurse assistant works in, the medical facilities, along with their competency and training.


Location is one of the factors that determine how much the Certified Nurse Assistant position is worth. In places like New York, Maryland, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, and Nevada, the demand is high and so is the annual salary for these positions. Also, certified nursing assistants that work in metropolitan areas instead of rural areas will also have higher pay rates. This is one of the main reasons why the CNA salary fluctuates from state to state. Here’s a list of top states to work in and their hourly pay rates.

 Average CNA Salary By State

Alabama $28k Indiana $27K Missouri $26K
Alaska $21K Iowa $24k Montana $26K
Arizona $23k Kansas $23K Nebraska $22K
Arkansas $26k Kentucky $24K New Hampshire $27K
Colorado $23k Louisiana $20 New Mexico $23K
California $28k Maine $25K New York $31K
Delaware $25K Maryland $27K New Jersey $27K
Hawaii $20K Massachusetts $30K North Carolina $25K
Florida $25K Michigan $24K North Dakota $25K
Georgia $27K Minesota $24K Ohio $24K
Idaho $23K Mississipi $32K Oklahoma $24K
Oregon $24K Pensylvania $23K Rhode Island $27K
Texas $25K South Carolina $23K South Dkota $22K
Utah $24K Tennesse $24K Vermont $26K
Virginia $26K Washington $24K West Virginia $27K
Wisconsin $21K Wyoming 28K


CNA State Salary (hourly)

1. Alaska $14.36
2. New York $13.63
3. Connecticut $13.54
4. Massachusetts $12.77
5. Hawaii $12.53
6. District of Columbia $12.47
7. Maryland $12.47
8. Delaware $12.32
9. New Hampshire $12.24
10. Nevada $12.23

2.Medical Facility

Another factor that affects the cna salary is the type of medical facility that they work in. Nursing assistants that work in highly demanding areas like intensive care units will receive higher pay as well. Therefore, this should also be considered when the person chooses a place to work.

3.Competency and Training

As a general rule, not all certified nursing assistants are created equal. Which means, the pay rates are based on each nurses experience level and their competencies when doing their job. Therefore, those who have more experience than others in this job position can require a premium rate when they are in high demand.

4.Profitability of the Organization

cna pay ratesThe profitability of the organization is also an important factor in the Certified Nurse Assistant’s annual salary rate. Therefore, for Certified Nurse Assistant’s that work for organizations that see high profile patients, the pay that they receive may be higher than those who perform similar job duties and functions. Which means, if the overall organization is earning a lot of money for their services, the heads of staff may choose to share the profits with the entire medical staff. This money can be distributed in different forms including pay raises, bonuses, tuition reimbursement, paid days off and other financial incentives.

Past Performances Evaluation History and Annual CNA Salary Rates

Past performance evaluations are also considered when determining annual salaries and hourly pay rates. In these situations, the recruiter may choose to offer a higher salary based on their past performance history. For, instance if the new employee has received outstanding evaluations in their previous positions, they are often more marketable than other applicants. To ensure the person being hired accepts the position, they may increase annual cna salary rate when making the initial job offer.


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