How important is CNA Certification Renewal?

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Way you need to renew your CNA certification ?

If you choose not to renew your certification, you will not be able to continue working as a CNA. This law is, in effect, not only to protect you, but also the residents’ and the facility where you work. Liability issues can arise if you make the choice to allow your certification to expire, and you continue to care for others. When you are a CNA with a valid certification, the facility protects you if something happens such as a physical injury while you are on the clock working. For this reason, it is imperative you continue to renew your certification if it is your plan to continue working in your current position as a CNA.

cna certification renewalCNA’s have a responsibility to others. The residents count on them for the care they need. The coworkers of CNA’s also rely on each other for support and help during the day. One of the most important qualities of a CNA is reliability. When you do not renew your certification, and you are scheduled to work a certain day, you may not be able to fulfill your work obligation without interruption. Registering for a new CNA certificate is not difficult. Taking the necessary time to ensure you are up to date with the paperwork needed is your responsibility.

It takes time to go to school and become a CNA. Clinical hours are hours of free work. Many people call it hands-on training. This is how a CNA gets started. Depending on where you go to school will depend on how many of these free working hours you will be responsible for completing before you are able to sit for your CNA Certificate. Let’s think about this. You go to school, do free work, work for two years, and it is time to renew your Certificate. You put it off because you have plenty of time to renew.

Life gets very busy. Other CNA’s have allowed their CNA Certificate to expire. Now the facility you work for has asked you to fill in extra shifts to help out. You are a team player so you agree. You get tired. You have other responsibilities. Maybe you even have children at home to care for. Time passes. The CNA that was out of work returns after renewing their Certification. You feel very relieved to go back to your regular work. Have you forgotten something?

One day a few weeks later your supervisor come to you and tell you she will not be able to let you work your upcoming shifts because you have no valid CNA Certificate. WOW! How did that happen? You have now put your coworkers in the same predicament you were in. They will be tired and needing to help out with extra shifts because you have no Certificate.

cna certificateHow important is CNA Certification Renewal? If you want to follow the law, it is very important. If you wish to continue in your current position, it is of the utmost importance. If you expect your coworkers to respect you enough to renew their Certifications, then it can be possibly one of the most important responsible things you need to do.

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